Write or Wrong

A number of weeks back this blog stumbled into existence. So far it has had little cohesion in the subject matter presented from article to article or in the timing of each publication. Thoughts on the American political system and the challenges it presents to itself and the world shared blog space with musings from alley wanderings. Each story would just work its way through the proper channels to my fingertips and the words would dance right on to the screen. Like a musical instrument, if you do not practice it you will be unable to play it up to your potential. To write well, I need to write often.

To be a good blog writer, you should perhaps be a reader of a wide variety of articles presented many different ways by all levels of writers on any number of subjects. In this aspect I was remiss so I started researching the whole blog phenomena and my potential place in it. Very quickly the information presented on the sheer multitude of blogs in the social media world was overwhelming. What do you want to know because right now somebody is writing about that very subject or something else entirely different with photos attached. Who is left to read what is written?


It was easy to start getting discouraged. In theory, if you are going to devote a good portion of your life to something, perhaps getting paid a little stipend for your efforts would be a nice bonus. Who doesn’t want to be remunerated for partaking in a pleasurable activity? I perused through the travel blog and children’s story blog areas. I stumbled across a site that was rating the Top 50 Travel Blogs in the whole wide world. Some were inspiring and some dealt with maximizing your travel points. Others wanted to assist me in traveling with children or tell me where best to watch sunsets in Central America while traveling as a solo middle age woman. They are all so full of content, it seems almost impossible for one to break free from the crowd and rise to the surface. There is brilliant, unread literature scattered all throughout the blogosphere.

It just makes sense that out of this mass of media, someone would be offering you the opportunity to maximize the monetization potential of your blog writing. They can teach you the way to blogging success and of course it does come with a fee. Every “successful” blog writer out there advertises on their site that they have the winning system and are willing to assist you in one form or another if you provide them with a little of your hard earned cash. I am a natural sceptic in regards to people telling me how to be better as long as I pay them some money. I can do it myself for free. The people behind this one particular pitch though came at you a bit differently by providing some pretty in depth and interesting comment up front for free. What they have to say in regards to blogs having a business plan and a direct constant focus in content to maximize potential viewership and sponsorship really caught my attention. Currently I write unfocused and free.


The last few days have been very introspective in regards to my writing path and where it might lead. Did I want to enter a much faster, social media world and see if I could compete? How many blogs and blog writers does the world really need? The alternative idea of spending the winter archiving previous writings while fleshing out some new children’s story ideas would be a very easy choice. Throw in a steady flow of life observations onto this space over the next few months and that would be the simple plan. I thank the website that offered to teach me how to make money off of my writing for planting a seed of thought. I will use the winter thinking about the kind of writer I want to be. If I think I’ve got the chops to take a stab at blog writing glory, I will be in touch with them in the spring and see what they have got to say. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on writing and see where the current takes me.


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