It’s Time

It’s time

It’s time I stopped talking about doing something and just get on with it. I have reached the proverbial shit or get off the pot moment in my life. For decades I have talked about being a writer. I’m not talking about writing the next great novel, I’m just talking about writing. I want to write kids stories and blast off diatribes. My words will analyze and philosophize. I will try to educate without spreading hate. Stories of travel and adventure, factual and fiction will flow from my word filled fingertips. Throughout the process of becoming this writer I think I can be, the number one reader I need to satisfy is me. I’ve known for a long time that writing is something I have to do. I now begin to show myself, not just tell myself that this in fact is true.

I have always been a writer. My grades in English and language classes always supported my math and science scores. Words came easy to me, ideas always flowed through my brain. As I got older, sometimes these thoughts found their way onto scraps of paper or into a journal. A lot of these stories and scribblings got stuffed into a large briefcase, to be reviewed and archived at a later date. A lot more have just vanished, forgotten by all, including the author.

The subject matter of my previous writings is all across the map and comes in many different styles. Rhyming children’s books, short stories of historical fantasy, analytical political comment and personal travelogue adventures are contained within my large black briefcase. Favourites from my own library will get edited, transcribed and transferred into this blog at random intervals. I look forward to playing a literary archeologist to my own material. That step is imminent and its long overdue

I have to admit that rampaging technological advances and my skills adapting to these changes have had a bittersweet relationship. An early resistance to inevitable change has left me chasing the pack in regards to computer skills and social media savvy. Being smarter than I look has also made me more than aware that if you don’t try and keep up with the technology wave, you will be left behind. The stampede of the masses with their personal electronic devices and a new social media app leaves me breathless. Infants are smarter and more connected than I am when it comes to the speed of the modern world and all of its IT advances.

I believe this hyper quick lifestyle and short attention span of society will actually be of benefit to me as a blog writer. New observations in life or another post about bike travel within the city can be interspersed with an old archived storyline from my past to keep the blog content current, fresh and interesting. Accompanied by a collage of personal photographs, the blog “larsthebabyjesus” could become a regular stop by and read place for people as they manoeuvre around this world wide web.

So yeah, it’s time. I’m looking forward to finally becoming that writer I’ve always believed I was. Hopefully I can drag a few interested readers along for the ride as this blog lurches into fruition.

Until next time

Much love from lars